Egg Hunt

Easter was my favorite holiday as a kid because we would always have these sick Easter Egg hunts at home and then again at my grandparents' house. My parents even managed to hide Cadbury Eggs for me and the sister when we were in the desert in the middle of Morocco one spring break.

egg pic 1

Cue one of my favorite non-math classroom events (1). Today before school I made it to the classroom early and hid about 20 plastic eggs (2) for the students to find. I stopped putting candy in them years ago, because students never find all the eggs and candy forgotten for months causes problems. We have the hunt at the beginning of class and then at the end of class the kids hide the eggs for the next group.

The students get really clever with their hiding spots and we always try to come up with seemingly «impossible» places to hide the eggs. Every class wants the class that follows them to find less eggs than they did of course! There is an egg, that never gets found, inside the Rubik's Cube on this alphabet poster for example. Good times, and totally worth the 10 minutes or so of class time this sacrifices. Happy Easter.

egg pic 2

(1) I have considered putting equations in the eggs and other such schemes to work math into this lesson but so far have kept it a simple hunt.

(2) If you don't have a set of plastic eggs (and who doesn't?) now is a perfect time to buy them because they are probably virtually giving them away at Walgreens and other such stores.