Danger Cards Remix

The other day my seniors, who are reviewing for their IB exam, wanted to play the Danger Cards game for a review session. I told them they if they made it, we could play it. Here is what I did.

danger pic 1

I quickly reformatted my Keynote slideshow to a Google Doc Presentation. The Danger Cards presentation is not fancy or anything anyway so nothing was really lost in the transition. I retitled the question slides with student's names and added blank answer slides after each question slide. Each student was responsible for creating one question slide and completing the subsequent answer slide. At this point I shared the Google Presentation with everyone in class giving everybody edit rights.

I told students that the slide deck needed to be finished by the night before we were going to play the game in class so that I would have time to choose the final set of questions we would use. They were also on the honor system not to cheat and study the questions (or more importantly the answers) their peers had written.

danger pic 2

Although the questions the students came up with were not in any way earth shattering, and the formatting of the slides was not as beautiful as it could have been, for a lesson developed in less time than I have spent writing this post about it, it was definitely a success. Students also had a solid bank of questions and answers (including many we did not get to use in class) that they could use for additional review.

Here is a link to a Google Presentations version of Danger Cards you can make a copy of and use with your classes if you want to try this activity out. Check out the original Danger Cards post for more details about the game.