You Are a Jeopardy Writer!

One of my teacher friends approached me a couple of weeks ago with a Jeopardy worksheet of mine I had apparently left around the photocopy machine. She wanted to know if she could use it in her classes, obviously yes. I figured I should post it here as well.


I have presented before about classroom review games and Jeopardy before, but this was a new worksheet I created to encourage kids to come up with their own (hopefully clever) categories and to begin thinking about their upcoming final exam.

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It's not enough to just give kids this worksheet and expect them to come up with great categories, trust me. So in addition to handing out the worksheet I showed a few good Jeopardy clips (there are a ton on YouTube) and we worked together to brainstorm a few Jeopardy categories and sample questions together as a class.

One of my students Josh, traps Lobsters for a hobby, and hence became known as the Lobsterman, as you can imagine, I was pretty psyched when another student created a category called "Beware of the Logsterman" for his review. (I still, of course, received many, many mediocre categories, but this pre-work resulted in the overall submission quality going way up!)

Here is the final set of categories I used this year in Algebra2.


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