Facebook, Bullying, & Anonymous

Great article today from «The Atlantic» about online bullying.  

After a quick search by Sullivan, the blurry photos I’d seen many times at the top of the Let’s Start Drama page appeared on the screen. Sullivan scrolled through some recent “Who’s hotter?” comparisons and clicked on the behind-the-scenes history of the page, which the Common Review Tool allowed him to call up. A window opened on the right side of the screen, showing that multiple reports had been made. Sullivan checked to see whether the reports had failed to indicate that Let’s Start Drama was administered by a fake user profile. But that wasn’t the problem: the bubbles had been clicked correctly. Yet next to this history was a note indicating that future reports about the content would be ignored.
We sat and stared at the screen.
Willner broke the silence. “Someone made a mistake,” he said. “This profile should have been disabled.” He leaned in and peered at the screen. “Actually, two different reps made the same mistake, two different times.”

When I talk with my students Facebook comes up all the time. Sure it's not usually about bullying but sometimes it is, and they appreciate it. The problem described in the article has happened to one of my students. We wrote to Facebook twice about the fake page that had stolen his identity and scraped pictures from back in MS, but it's still there.